Getting Started


SayTeX exists as a Python 3 package, which allows you to use the SayTeX functionality from any Python module or script.

Install the saytex package using PyPI:

pip install saytex

Note that the saytex package only supports Python 3. If the above command gives an error, run pip -V and make sure it says Python 3. If it does not, try running pip3 instead.

Simple Usage

The saytex Python package consists mainly of the Saytex class. It contains the method to_latex which takes a string as its input and outputs a well-formatted LaTeX string.

A simple example of how to use the Saytex class is shown below:

from saytex import Saytex

saytex_compiler = Saytex()

print(saytex_compiler.to_latex("a squared plus b"))

As one would expect, the above code prints a^2 + b, which is the valid LaTeX translation of that string.

For notes on how to configure SayTeX to suit specific needs, see the Advanced Usage.